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as a subject of as much surprise ▓to his nation as of regret to ▓his father.Sole heir to immense w


ea▓lth—unencumbered with business●—nothing to occupy him but his own▓ pleasure?/p>


猤ifted with unusual mental powers—di●gnified in figure—a kindly and m●ost winni

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ng manner, when he chose to exert ▓it; yet was his whole life embi●ttered by the morbid sensitiveness▓ with which he regarded his most unfort▓unate lack of all attraction in face a●nd feature.He wa

Uku Mason

Marketing Expert

s absolutely and disagreeabl▓y plain; we would say ugly, did we● not so exceedingly dislike the wor●d.Yet there were times when the glow of mind, ●or still more warmth of heart, wou●ld throw such a

Ro Kanth


soft and gentle express●ion over the almost deformed feature●s, that their natural disfigurement ●ceased to be remembered.Those who kne▓w him never felt any difference between him and ●his fellow-

Anna Alexander

Professional Model

men, save in his sup▓erior heart and mind; but Azavédo

/ 通江县 简阳市 安岳县 乐至县 红原县 汶川县 阿坝县 理县 小金县 黑水县